Connect Pakipoint with your current e-shop platform

Integrating your e-shop with Pakipoint Order Management system will simplify your shop order fulfilment procedures.

There are 2 ways to connect your e-shop with Pakipoint

  • Pakipoint’s powerful API, which any e-shop can integrate to their software
  • Pakipoint has developed automatic Data Exchange services with several most popular e-shop platforms, so no additional development is necessary.

Connecting Pakipoint to custom software allows for unique functionality however may be more time consuming to develop. Whereas using existing connections with platforms including Shopify and Magento, may be limited in functionality but are very simple to connect. More platform connections are on the way!

There are 8 different types of data exchange possible represented below:

Flow Of data Information Pakipoint API Magento integration Shopify integration
e-shop Pakipoint Sales Orders
e-shop Pakipoint Sales Order Changes
e-shop Pakipoint Products
Pakipoint e-shop Available Stock Quantities
Pakipoint e-shop Order Fulfilement Status
Pakipoint e-shop Shipment Tracking Numbers
Pakipoint e-shop Returned Shipments - N/A 1
Pakipoint e-shop Data Exchange Problem Reporting In Pakipoint dashboard

1 Return Shipment info is not curretnly supported in the Shopify platform, so the info cannot be published.

Connecting with Magento and Shopify is provided as a service by Pakipoint. It does not require any custom extensions or modules to be installed by e-shop. The only requirement is a username and password to access the API and the rest is performed by Pakipoint’s integration software. Integration can be completed within 1 day.

In the case that you cannot use existing connections we have created a developer support environment to help get through the process. There are a few requirements; including linking Orders and Order changes, but you have the possibility to connect all desired custom components increasing integration value.

For Pakipoint API integration details please look to